a virtual walking competition
Get your company's corporate health management moving with the step.COACH virtual walking competition.

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How it works

Step 1

01. Wearing a pedometer

Wear a pedometer (tracker, conventional pedometer, running watch or smartphone). Those pedometers measure your steps as soon as you move. Be active and increase the number of your steps, be it during work or in your leisure time.
How it works

Step 2

02. Transferring steps

Transfer your steps to step.COACH daily.
How it works

Step 3

03. Comparing yourself with your mates or teams

Compete with your friends or teams. 10‘000 steps a day is the aim. Together you get closer to your goal.


The step.COACH for corporate health management (CHM) of your company


What's the most important to be active? It's the motivation. And what is more motivating than going for the same goal in a team? Create a route that fits your business (why not visit each branch office in a virtual way?), define a motivating distance and experience how every participant contributes his steps to the team-project. This encourages the team spirit and well-being of each individual. A simple and efficient measure for corporate health management.

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